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3f Electronics Industry Corp.
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: Electrical Wire/ Wire Cable, Heat Shrink Tube/ Insulation Sleeve/ Cable Tie
Ranked #3 on-time delivery in Silicone RubberInternational service centers(2)Years in industry(27)Total floorspace (20,000㎡)Annual export US $16,000,000



1. Factory quality control system certification : 


IATF16949 Certification

ISO 9001:2015




2. Electrical wire UL certification :


Appliance wiring material ,internal wire,AMW wire UL certification

Fixture Wire UL certification

Tool wire UL certification

Wiring Harness UL certification




3. Electrical wire VDE certification






4. Electrical wire CSA certification





5. Electrical wire CCC certification :




6. Electrical wire CQC certification :





7. insulation sleeve / tubing UL certification




8. JET certification




all products comply with ROHS and REACH,welcome to contact us to get report file.